A Twisted Embrace

$ 4,000.00


Durant Glass & Jewellery

A Twisted Embrace. Kiln-formed, lamp-worked glass. Triptych wall hanging. Each piece measures approx. 875mm H x 275mm W x 7-9mm thick. Wall fittings included. Overall hanging size including spaces is 875mm H x 1000mm W.

This tells the story of spring time and the snakes I often see, fertility, and more. Snakes although sometimes frightening are so beautiful. A poem that goes with this piece is included here.

The snake goddess...
she is cool, calm,
slow but fast,
sleek yet strong.

She can change her colours
shed her skin,
move without legs,
swallow things whole.

She is coiled,
Deadly or not.
Ripples in the long grass.


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