Layers - Cindy Durant 

7 Jul 2016 – 14 Aug 2016

Cindy was the recipient of the 2016 Breaking Ground Award from Country Arts SA. This award was provided in conjunction with an exhibition opportunity in Adelaide Festival Centre’s ArtSpace Gallery, supported by SALA Festival and ABC Local Radio It gives a practicing contemporary artist from regional South Australia the support to develop a new body of work and an additional mentorship opportunity

Layers is a new, experimental body of work developed by Penong artist Cindy Durant as part of the 2016 Country Arts SA Breaking Ground Award. Working with kiln formed glass, Durant has extended her practice to explore screen printing techniques, traditionally associated with other media, to apply her images to glass. 

Please view the Layers Catalogue produced specifically for this special exhibition.

She finds much inspiration near her remote home. Landscapes, skies, beach detritus, leaves and common objects as well as culture and history have influenced this new work. Cindy has collected imagery and taken it apart, altering and layering the images to build her designs and dreamscapes. She has explored colour alteration as well as repetitive design with texture. Cindy has experimented and played with these new techniques creating a rich collection and variety of pieces ranging from graphic imagery to alluring textures and curious studies. 

Durant works from her studio near Penong on the far West Coast of South Australia. 

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